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A special message from the Executive Board: Students of Pacific Islander or South Asian heritage are especially encouraged to run for positions. We would like to increase South Asian and Pacific Islander representation at all levels of APAMSA.

Basic professional responsibilities required of all national and regional board positions:

  • You must reply to emails from chapters within 48 hours
  • You will be participating monthly videoconferences within your branch/region to report on your work
  • National Board: You must cast your vote within 48 hours for any position statements


Regional Board

All students are eligible for candidacy on the Regional Board.

Regional Director (3 positions per Region, x8 regions)

One-year term with responsibility of maintaining communication between the National and the regional local chapters. Responsible for organizing Fall social and Spring regional conferences. Regional directors gather new chapter president(s) contact information, collect progress reports monthly prior to Regional Conference to discuss with Membership Director, promote National APAMSA events and initiatives to their chapters. 2-3 regional director(s) will be elected per region. Regional directors are elected during the regional breakout session at the National Conference. Candidates should be prepared to make a 1-2 minute speech at the Regional Breakout session at the National Conference outlining their qualifications and vision for their APAMSA region for that year.

To get a feel of this role: please read this Q&A: 6 Questions About Being a Regional Director

If a candidate is unable to make the elections at the National Conference, candidates with extenuating circumstances will be allowed to provide a 1-minute video explaining their candidacy. The Executive Board will determine extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

In order to accommodate as many chapters to be able to attend a regional conference, the Elections Committee urges everyone to consider running for a Regional Director position.

new_regional_map2APAMSA Regions:

Region I (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT)
Region II (NY, NJ)
Region III (DE, DC, MD, PA, WV)
Region IV (South: LA, TX, OK, AR, AL, MS;
Southeast: FL, GA, NC, SC, TN, VA)
Region V (KY, IN, MI, OH)
Region VI (CO, IA, KS, NE, MN, MO, IL, ND, SD, WI, WY)
Region VII (AZ, HI, NM, Southern California, Southern Nevada)
Region VIII: (WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, Northern California, Northern Nevada)

National Board

All students are eligible for candidacy on the National Board.

Health Affairs Branch:

Bone Marrow Director (1 position)

Coordinates the national bone marrow initiative with Be the Match, A3M, AADP, SAMAR. Assists local chapters with their drives and collects the relevant data. Leads the publicity effort when leukemia patient families contact APAMSA to help find a bone marrow donor. Appoints and communicates with Bone Marrow Regional Directors (West, Central, East, and South). Seeks funding from the various bone marrow organizations.

Cancer Initiative Director (1 position)

Promotes awareness about the common cancers that affect the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (AA NHOPI) communities. Organizes once or twice a year awareness/fundraiser event(s). Must have a good working knowledge or be willing to research latest scientific/public health articles on AA NHOPI and Cancers. Prior experience working in various non-profit orgs that promote awareness about cancer is a plus. Must be willing to continue partnership with ACS (American Cancer Society) to promote volunteer opportunities and other endeavors.

Community Outreach Initiative Director (1 position)

Plan and manage National APAMSA efforts to promote community outreach activities among local APAMSA chapters. Publicize and encourage chapter involvement in larger National APAMSA-wide community-outreach movements. Provide resources to facilitate the planning and execution of community service events. Recognize chapters that have excelled in community service. Seek funding opportunities and awards grants, when possible. Work with the Webmaster to build an easily accessible online page of resources. Direct the new APAMSA Clinic Consortium to create a shared repository of multilingual resources and APAMSA chapter best practices to promote inter-chapter and community sharing of knowledge. Create forums, such as an annual session at the National Conference, for chapters to communicate and discuss community outreach work.

Global Health Director (1 position)

Educate, support, and mobilize APAMSA medical students to address health issues affecting Asian populations worldwide, including but not limited to Asia. Offer support for individuals interested in studying, rotating, or volunteering abroad through providing resources and scholarships opportunities to facilitate the experience. Publicize global projects done by APAMSA students and expand global health initiatives at different APAMSA chapters.

Hepatitis B/C Director (1 position)

Develops and coordinates National APAMSA’s Hepatitis Project. This position requires experience with hepatitis initiatives such as hepatitis B & C screening and educational outreach. Knowledge and familiarity with Hepatitis B & C organizations and individuals active in Hepatitis B & C outreach is preferred. Provides advice and resources to local chapters that need assistance setting up Hepatitis B & C projects. Oversees all aspects of the APAMSA Hepatitis Screening and Education Chapter Grants. Seeks sponsors for grants with the help of the Sponsorship Chairs, Health Affairs Director, and the National President. Distributes and reviews grant applications. Updates the APAMSA website with hepatitis resources and assists in developing APAMSA’s Hep B Outreach How-To-Guide. Creates and carries out hepatitis programs and seeks sponsors for the programs with the help of the Sponsorship Chairs, Health Affairs Director, and the National President. Collects feedback on Hepatitis B & C projects and maintains a schedule of APAMSA’s Hepatitis B & C events. Works with the Health Affairs Director on establishing collaborations with other Hepatitis B & C organizations, corporate sponsors, and media campaigns.

Hepatitis B/C Conference Director (1 position, non-elected)

Organizes the annual National APAMSA Hepatitis B/C Conference. Interest and experience in Hepatitis B/C outreach is preferred since this conference serves as a catalyst for many Hepatitis B/C initiatives by APAMSA chapters across the nation. This is a 2-year position and the completion of the 2-year position is at the conclusion of the Hepatitis B/C Conference in November. Writes grant application to obtain funding for the hepatitis conference. Obtains the venue for the conference. Develops and oversees programming for the conference with the help of the National APAMSA Hepatitis B/C Advisor. Seeks sponsors to fund the conference with the help of the Sponsorship Chairs, Health Affairs Director, and the National President. Works with the National President, Health Affairs Director, and Vice President of Finance on budgeting for the conference. Recruits members for and oversees the National APAMSA Hepatitis B/C Conference Planning Committee. Manages publicity efforts for the conference. Manages all aspects of the application process for the conference. Position decided outside of National Elections.

Mental Health Initiative Director (1 position)

Partner and collaborate with other mental health organizations (i.e. SAMHSA, ACMHS) to address issues APIs face when seeking mental health services.  Lead APAMSA’s chapters to address the stigma and reduce the impact of mental illness among API communities.  Train members to be culturally and linguistically responsive to the unique experiences of APIs.  Increase awareness and understanding of mental health disorders, promote emotional health and wellness, address the prevention of mental illness, and increase access to effective treatment and recovery support services. Run the as(i)am; blog with submissions.

Advocacy Branch:

Health Advocacy Director (1 position)

Selects areas of topics and events to advocate by communicating and organizing events with national and chapter officers and individuals from the public health arena. Organizes the Health Advocacy Portion during the National Conference. Mobilizes and elicits enthusiasm from APAMSA students to become passionate and take action along these events. Updates chapters on National Campaigns and shares ideas for events organized by other school chapters. Communicates with other national student organizations to organize partnerships in advocating for common issues.

AAPI Advocacy Director (1 position)

Being a member of APAMSA often means being at an intersection of two identities: Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and physician-in-training. In contrast to the Health Advocacy Chair position, which addresses the latter and supports our members in fostering our education and involvement in health advocacy to enhance our identities as physicians-in-training, the AAPI Advocacy Chair aims to support our members in our identities as AAPI. This position will be in charge of two main tasks:

1) Official content for National APAMSA: Create content that will objectively present both sides of an argument relevant to AAPI identity, as an infographic that will provide factual information on important issues to its members. This will be official content produced from the APAMSA National Board.

2) Venture content for APAMSA AAPI Advocacy: Create content for an APAMSA-affiliated brand (facebook, website, and blog) that will create a space to initiate discussion about important but controversial topics like micro-aggressions, allyship, and other aspects of AAPI identity. Since its founding 20 years ago, APAMSA has remained neutral on political issues, but we are trying to take greater initiative given today’s situation. This special initiative approved by the Executive Board will allow APAMSA to venture into advocacy and conversations relevant to AAPI identity and challenges of the day.

Diversity Director (1 position)

Educate APAMSA members about health issues affecting the “minority within the minority”. Launch initiatives to promote greater focus on South Asian and Pacific Islander health issues and AAPI LGBTQ issues among APAMSA’s chapters. Edit a section of the monthly newsletter that focuses on research and news on health disparities that affect minority AAPI communities, with content received from the Health Education Committee. Educate the APAMSA board about these issues and help integrate research and clinical knowledge about diverse AAPI populations into the projects conducted by other members of the Health Initiatives division.

Rapid Response Advocacy Director(1 position)

The responsibility of the Rapid Response Director is to stay updated on recent events and to advise the National Board on appropriate responses from the organization. Within 48 hours of the inciting event, the Director must create a briefing with some historical context, pros and cons of possible responses, and develop final recommendations for a course of action, which may include a public statement through an op-ed, official letter to all APAMSA members, or an advocacy campaign in response to the current events. The briefing will then go to a final vote by the National Board to determine the ultimate course of action that APAMSA would take as an organization. As part of the Advocacy Branch, the actions are primarily created in response to social and political events relevant to APAMSA’s mission within the realms of health advocacy and AAPI advocacy.

Resolutions Director(1 position)

Organize, plan, and execute a system to receive issues presented to APAMSA as sources of change and advocacy for the organization. This role will require creating and teaching a system of resolution writing on a national level. Implementing a successful system will require creating new documents/teaching materials, prompt email correspondence on a strict timeline, routine meetings with interested members, updating databases, and other responsibilities. There will also be routine branch meetings.

Finance Branch:

Sponsorship Directors (3 positions)

Elected officer responsible for fundraising and soliciting sponsors for APAMSA by developing existing relationships between individuals, groups, and companies and National APAMSA. Responsible for revising the sponsorship packet and assisting in grant applications for the Hepatitis B conference, National Conference, and any other service activity/initiative. This is one of the most important positions in APAMSA. Please describe prior experience in grant-writing, soliciting event sponsorships, maintaining relationships with sponsors, or working in an alumni stewardship/donation office.

National Conference Chairs (3-5 positions), non-elected

Serves as the primary logistical and program organizers of the 2018 National Conference while keeping the Board of Directors and National Board informed of all progress. Work in conjunction with Vice President to coordinate conference plenary sessions and fundraising efforts. Develop all aspects of the national conference in consultation with the Vice President including locale, programming, fundraising, exhibitors, registrations, accommodations, banquet, and social events. Must work closely with the External Vice President. External Vice President will report progress of National Conference Chairs with Executive/National Board. Candidates should comment on their ideas for conference site and educational goals that they feel the next National Conference should accomplish. Candidates should also comment on their school’s ability to host a national conference, including local student interest and administration support. Not determined at the National Elections, Chairs will consist of APAMSA members from the chapter(s) of the upcoming year’s National Conference.

Strategy Branch:

Academic Education Director (1 position)

Directs initiatives to support medical student education in key Asian-American and global health areas. The Academic Education Director manages relationships with test preparation companies to bring test preparation deals to APAMSA members. He or she will lead initiatives, such as online modules, to improve awareness and understanding of subjects important to APAMSA members. Please include in your application a proposal of the projects or issues you would like to promote during your term, as well as relevant research for why such a project is needed.

Research Director (1 position)

The Research Director shall: Promote student research through APAMSA’s Research Highlights website and by circulating a list of new publications by APAMSA students in the monthly newsletter. Organize the poster session for the National Conference. Establish a national database of shared academic resources (notes, visuals, mnemonics). Coordinate national-level Big/Little matching to build inter-institutional structure of student support and mentorship. Work closely with Community Outreach Initiative and Database Directors to collect longitudinal survey data.

Alumni Liaison (1 position)

Work closely with the APAMSA Alumni Advisory board, Recent Alumni Advisory Board, and outside organizations to create a strong social network amongst medical students and physicians. Help develop a platform for mentorship between NCAPIP physicians and APAMSA students. Arrange opportunities for APAMSA members to participate in NCAPIP’s national initiatives such as Screen at 23 in order to serve AANHPI community on a grand scale. Highlight APAMSA leader’s journey in the field of medicine via video podcast . Manage the APAMSA alumni database. Work with alumni to support existing programs and develop new programs and initiatives. Arrange opportunities for APAMSA Alums to network with current APAMSA members.

Pre-med APAMSA Director (2 positions)

Responsible for developing and overseeing initiatives that will foster a pre-med student’s academic path towards a successful medical school application while also promoting APAMSA and its mission to its pre-med student members. The pre-med APAMSA Director will also work to meet the needs of the APAMSA pre-med chapters, assisting with areas such as recruitment and pre-med day. Duties also include researching and developing resources for pre-med students and promoting pre-med APAMSA chapter growth with the Internal Vice President. Ideally, this position should be shared between a pre-medical student and a medical student.

Database Director (1 position)

Manages the membership database of APAMSA. Works with other APAMSA National, Regional, and Local Officers to maintain a current and complete database of current and past members. Works with the Strategy Director to facilitate the sending of announcements, newsletters, and emails to APAMSA’s members. Works with the Membership Director to synchronize the records of chapter officers with the database. Some experience with SQL databases or MailChimp would be helpful. The most important quality of a good candidate is the ability to address user issues in a rapid, professional manner.

Communications Branch:

Network Director (1 position)

The Network Director’s purpose is to facilitate communication within the national board and regional board. Specific responsibilities include: update and organize webpages for initiatives, setting up chapter websites for chapters, in charge of affiliated websites (ex National Conference, subdomains), maintaining APAMSA email aliases and board listservs, housekeeping the group drive (removing old members’ permissions), being open to managing the elections portal, curating the APAMSA web shop, and managing the survey system.

The Network Director coordinates closely with the Communications Director, Public Relations Director, and Editor in Chief to assist other national board members in enhancing the delivery and accessibility of their work. The most important quality of a good candidate is the ability to communicate with the board and chapters in a clear, professional, and rapid manner.

Senior Editor (1 position)

The senior editor is responsible for communicating with chapter leaders to gather and package information to include in the monthly newsletter. He/she integrates current news events and announcements from other board members into the monthly newsletter. He/she is responsible for ensuring compliance with newsletter advertisement agreements with sponsors.  Previous experience recommended for position as Senior Editor.

Junior Editor (1 position)

The junior editor is responsible for receiving, editing and sending out requests for announcements. He/she is responsible for relaying announcements to the senior editor for newsletter inclusion as needed. Both editors are responsible for communicating with each other to ensure newsletters and announcements are sent in a timely manner.

Social Media Director (1 position)

The Social Media director helps develop and disseminate information on APAMSA through 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In addition, he/she serves as the creative director of APAMSA’s publications and recruitment materials. Creative projects such as T-shirt design and banner design fall under the domain of this position. He/she maintains regular contact with each national board member and regional director to obtain photographs, files, etc. that would be useful for current board members to view and/or for the advertisement of APAMSA. He/she works with the Internal Webmaster to keep the APAMSA national page and social media page(s) up-to-date with images representing the current affairs of APAMSA. A good candidate is one who has the demonstrated ability to manage a constant and responsive social media presence. Graphic design/artistic skills would be helpful.

2 copies of examples of your work are optional but appreciated.

Executive Board

Prior experience on the APAMSA National Board or as a Regional Director may be required candidacy on the Executive Board; please see position descriptions.

President (1 position)

The President oversees all operations of APAMSA including the National Board, National Initiatives, Regional Board, National Conference, Hepatitis B/C Conference, membership, fundraising, and public relations. He/she acts as a liaison to Physician Advisory Board (NCAPIP) and national partnering organizations. Sets vision and agenda for APAMSA growth and expansion. He/she serves as the national spokesperson for APAMSA. Together with the vice presidents, he/she is responsible for speaking at all APAMSA conferences. Candidate should be familiar with ALL SIX branches of National Board operations and have experience related to National Conference programming. Candidate must have previously served on the APAMSA National Board for at least 1 year.

External Vice President/Vice President of Finance (1 position)

The External Vice President will be in charge of working in concert with the National President on all organizational business. External Vice President will be the primary supervisor of the National Conference Co-Chairs leading up to National Conference on programming, finances, logistics and revising the APAMSA constitution. The External Vice President is responsible for spearheading APAMSA’s financial activities and preserving relationships with current sponsors. He/she oversees the Sponsorship Directors in reaching out to potential sponsors, and writing contracts/grants with sponsors. He/she produces quarterly charts and budget spreadsheets to inform National Board of the organization’s financial status. He/she is responsible for reimbursing necessary parties for the organization. Importantly, the External Vice President is the first line responder in dealing with acute emergencies. The External Vice President will serve as national spokesperson when National President is unavailable. Candidate must have previously served on the APAMSA National Board for at least 1 year.

Internal Vice President/Vice President of Communications (1 position)

The Internal Vice President is responsible for the publicity efforts of the organization on all channels. He/she oversees and works closely with the Newsletter Editor, Social Media Director, Database Director, and Network Director to formulate and maintain a coordinated public relations strategy to disseminate the work of National, Regional, and Local APAMSA units. This is a very important and time-sensitive role requiring day-to-day attention to dissemination of board members’ announcements. He/she should be familiar with the platforms and languages used by all 4 members of the Office of Communications in order to fulfill the role as backup operator for the newsletter, social media, database, and website. Importantly, the Internal Vice President is the first line responder in dealing with acute emergencies. 

Tasks that belong exclusively to this position include (1) managing the main website (2) managing the chapter portal, (3) managing the elections portal, and (4) urgent day-of-conference transitions, including deleting and setting up all board accounts and posting new officer profiles. As the head of the Communications Branch, he/she organizes the monthly branch meetings, and also participates in the monthly Executive Board meetings. He/she is responsible for filing annual taxes for the organization.  Candidate must have previously served on the APAMSA National Board for at least 1 year.

Executive Advocacy Director (1 position)

The Executive Advocacy Director’s primary responsibility includes coordinating the duties and roles of the AAPI Advocacy Director, Health Advocacy Director, Rapid Response Advocacy Director, Resolutions Director, and Diversity Director. Facilitating communication and transparency between these directors and the Executive Board Members. Keeping track of the current events and delegating necessary actions and responses to the members of the team. Overseeing the entire operation of APAMSA’s public advocacy effort as an organization, while ensuring the representation of the APAMSA National Board and all of its members through its communications. Assisting the Rapid Response Advocacy Director in meeting the 48 hour response window to important current events that require an action from APAMSA as an organization. For this coming year, it will be imperative to optimize the protocol for approving APAMSA’s public responses to current events. Candidate must have previously served on the APAMSA National Board for at least 1 year.

Membership Director (2 positions)

The membership director is responsible for maintaining up-to-date contacts with APAMSA chapters nationwide, respond to new chapter requests, and direct national membership recruitment campaigns. He/she must facilitate communication between National Officers and local chapters and maintain APAMSA membership database and listserv. They are also responsible for recruiting new chapters into APAMSA. Membership Director is responsible for overseeing the Regional Directors and will hold monthly meetings with Regional Directors leading up to Regional Conferences for updates. For other regional director responsibilities, monthly check-ins and updates will be needed. He/she will organize chapter reports and chapter awards prior to end of term. He/she will serve 1-year term this year. Candidate must have previously served as a Regional Director for at least 1 year.

Strategy Director (1 position)

The Director of Strategy is in charge of the internal affairs and wellness of the APAMSA national board. He/she oversees the Alumni Director, Academic Education Director, Database Director, and Premed Director. He/she leads the Elections Committee in coordinating transition surveys, posting election statements and photos on the Election Portal, providing updates to candidates/conference attendees/all members, and running the poll system. He/she organizes the January Board Meeting in New York. He/she keeps official minutes at Executive Board meetings. The Director of Strategy serves a crucial role of assisting National Board members with extenuating circumstances. Candidate must have previously served on the APAMSA National Board for at least 1 year.

Health Affairs Director (1 position)

The Health Affairs Director’s primary responsibilities include overseeing National Initiatives including Community Outreach, Hepatitis B Initiative & Conference planning, Cancer Initiative, and Bone Marrow Initiative. Facilitates communication and transparency between the Initiative Directors and the Executive Board Members. He/she keeps track of the progress of current National Initiatives and provides resources for Initiative Directors to promote awareness of health issues that disproportionately affect Asian Pacific Islander (API) populations, especially those that are often under-represented such as mental health, substance abuse, glaucoma, and more. He/she works with Initiative Directors on national campaigns that unite local chapters in addressing major health issues that affect API populations. Familiarity with APAMSA’s Initiatives is helpful.Candidate must have previously served on the APAMSA National Board for at least 1 year.


Below is a flowchart of the 2017-2018 Regional, National, and Executive Boards. 

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You may visit the new APAMSA Chapter Portal to see a breakdown of each region’s chapters and chapter leadership.