Welcome to the National Elections Center of the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association. At this streamlined portal, you may learn about the responsibilities of various positions on the National Board and Regional Board, access the Elections Manual, and declare your candidacy.

The requirements for candidacy will be the following:

  1. Platform declaring candidacy for your interested position (max. 300 words). The candidate statement should (1) introduce who you are and why you want to run for this volunteer position (2) describe a concrete, bulleted list of initiatives that members can expect to see from you by the first-trimester retreat in January 2018.
  2. Photo (size 2 x 3 and in jpg/jpeg/gif/png form)
  3. 1-minute prepared speech at the National Elections (will be delivered to a room of students from any school, including National Board candidates from any region) or Regional Elections (will be delivered to a room of students from the schools in your region, including Regional Board candidates for just your region).

All members will be able to view candidate statements here; these will be updated after the deadline on October 1st. Please use the menu items above and below to navigate.  Submissions for National Board and Regional Board positions are done through our form on the Nominations tab. Also in your submissions, if you are applying for multiple positions, please list these positions in the ORDER of position that you prefer; we will take your preferences into consideration when deciding the order of positions that will be elected.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please e-mail elections@apamsa.org.

In order for Elections to run smoothly, we also need all the chapters who will be in attendance to list a designated chapter voter phone number/e-mail and register on Poll-Ev ahead of time.

South Asian and Pacific Islander students are especially encouraged to run for positions. We would like to increase South Asian and Pacific Islander representation at all levels of APAMSA.

Brought to you by the National Elections Committee.

9/28/17 Updates: 

In order to all candidates the weekend to prepare their platforms, the deadline for Elections applications will now be Sunday, October 1st at 11:59 pm PDT. 

After October 1st, we will CLOSE ALL FILLED positions and candidates will only be able to apply for UNFILLED positions. Platforms of all applicants will be available for viewing in the next couple of days following the deadline.
If you can’t attend the National Conference and plan on running, please contact us as you submit your application!

10/1 Update: 

Reminder that Elections applications are due TONIGHT at 11:59 pm PDT! We will announce tomorrow which positions are open in which everyone will have until Thursday, October 4th at 5:00 pm PDT to apply for ONLY OPEN positions! Platforms will be published on Tuesday, October 2nd sometime in the evening. Look forward to receiving your applications!

10/2 Update: 

Thank you to everyone who has submitted an application; we greatly appreciate the ideas and thoughts that came into each application and look forward to having these platforms uploaded in the next couple of the days.

In the meantime, the following positions remain open–
Regional Director (all Regions)
Membership Director (2 person position)
Bone Marrow Director
Rapid Response Director
Alumni Liaison
Pre-Med Director (2 person position)
Database Director
Sponsorship Director (3 person position)
Anyone is allowed to apply for these open positions even if you have already submitted an application for other positions. You cannot apply for other positions at this time. The deadline for applying for these open positions is Thursday, October 5th at 5:00 pm PDT.

Also, at this time for National Elections, each school will collectively have 1 vote. We will be using the Poll Ev system and so we need 1 person from each chapter to list a designated chapter voter phone number/e-mail and register on Poll-Ev ahead of time.

Thank you!

10/5 Update:

Thank you to everyone who has submitted an application!
We are excited to introduce a new position that will be added to the National Board this year– Director of Research

To learn more click HERE! 

We also would like to announce that we are re-opening the position for Junior Editor/Announcements Editor

In addition, the following positions will stay open until tomorrow night’s deadline:

Regional Director
Membership Director (2 person position)
Bone Marrow Director
Rapid Response Director
Alumni Liaison
Pre-Med Director (2 person position)
Database Director
Sponsorship Director (3 person position)

To provide applicants time to consider a last minute application, we are extending the deadline for the Director of Research, Junior Editor/Announcements Editor, and all previous open positions to Friday 10/6/17 at 11:59 pm PDT.

Out of these positions, we’d strongly encourage candidates to also consider applying for Alumni Liaison and Sponsorship Director!
Also our candidate statements are LIVE! 

After tomorrow night, we will only accept applications for any unfilled positions. 

Please register your school for the Poll-Ev system–  list a designated chapter voter phone number/e-mail and register on Poll-Ev. 

You will be able to register until the morning of the conference at registration. There will be no in-elections registrations for Poll Ev. 

Continue to follow here for further updates!